Phare Hermosa  Summer Ale

Phare Hermosa Summer Ale

REF: 2820

A recipe elaborated in union between the Phare Brewery of Santa Catarina / Brazil and the Costa Rica Beer Factory of Costa Rica. Selected and special ingredients! A SUMMER ALE style beer that will amaze you with the idea and the taste buds. Hermosa Catarina is an homage to the magnificent Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica and our beautiful region of Santa Catarina. The style brings the PURE LIFE of the 2 breweries, which are located in tropical paradises, where the sun, the beaches, the good energies, the sea and the surf

Bitterness (IBU) 23

Alcoholic graduation 4.4

Color (EBC) 13.0

Const. Temp. Indicated 2-4