Who are we

Inaugurated at the end of 2015,
Phare is the first microbrewery in the city of Garopaba / SC.

Inaugurated at the end of 2015, Phare is the first microbrewery of Garopaba/SC. We transform our local beaches in shape of beer, with more than 13 labels honoring our astonishing landscape.

Tasty and aromatic beers that harmonize with reunited friends, family united, many laughs, celebrations and positive energies.

November 2015

The Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply authorizes the start of Phare activities, the first Microbrewery Craft in the city

March 2016

Phare Brewery conquer it's first medal at the National Beer festival in Blumenau, the national capital of beer , with Garopaba Blond Ale.

Phare launches its first Collaborative beer in partnership with Costa Rica's Beer Factory of Costa Rica! A Summer Ale with Tangerine and Sunflower Seed


Launching of beer with pitaya, with organic fruit of family farming of SC. A light beer, refreshing and naturally colored.

The Phare

But what does Phare means?
Phare comes from french, and means Lighthouse.

But why Lighthouse?
Because the Phare couple met at the carnaval in Santa Marta Lighthouse

And why Garopaba? Because here is a paradise and deserved it's own local Brewery.​


In 1525, the 'The Bay of Garopaba'
served as shelter for a Spanish naval expedition.

At that time, the inhabitants were indigenous.

In the year 1666 the first village formed by Azoreans appeared. OnDecember 19, 1961, Garopaba is emancipated.

Garopaba from Tupi-Guarani:
ygá, ygara, ygarata: means boat, canoe
mpaba, paba: means place, cove.

So Garopaba would be a "boat cove " or even a "place of rest"

The 70's

The region was the scene of the Hippie movement and the birth of Surf in Brazil. With the ideal conditions for practicing the sport, surfers at the end of the 60s, early 70s, discovered the beautiful Garopaba.

Its growing and development was largely due to Surf. People in search for a model of life closer to nature chose the city to live.

Garopaba is one of the most famous resorts in Santa Catarina, with different tastes and styles. Known internationally for the points of surfing, diving, windsurfing, fishing and whale watching (from June to November), the city lavishes natural beauties.